I grew up in Bloomington, Minnesota. I attended the University of Chicago, where Donald Davidson directed my bachelor's thesis, the University of Frankfurt, where I took courses from Richard Rorty, and the University of Pittsburgh, where Wilfrid Sellars directed my dissertation.

My publications are in the areas of Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, and Philosophical Logic. I have taught courses on a wide range of other subjects as well.

Together with Bence Nanay, University of Antwerp, I am a principle investigator on the FWF-sponsored Project, The Puzzle of Imagisti Cognition.

Here is my inaugural lecture at the University of Salzburg, "Das Verhältnis zwischen Sprache und Denken", June 2, 2016 (in German):

You can watch a 30 minute video of me talking about my book Words without Meaning, here:

You can see me debating the nature of perceptual content with Kathrin Glüer, here:

You can see me lecturing on Validity without Reference in München, here

Christopher Gauker
Fachbereich Philosophie (KGW)
Universität Salzburg
Franziskanergasse 1
5020 Salzburg

email: christopher.gauker@sbg.ac.at